Excellence benchmarking

This comprehensive comparison tool uses a proven methodology to quantify points of improvement and efficiency at a pharmaceutical plant or API production plant to improve its results.

Read about a real example of improvement.

the main issues identified for improvement.


about the impact of COVID in Pharmaceutical sites.


Discover your starting point to find out just how far you can go.

The combination of different indicators, with their segmentation, result in a high number of comparative charts (> 500) with a high level of detail to define action plans with quantifiable results.

How do we do it?


Exben compares a plant's management indicators by creating standard segments, such as:

- Productivity by technology.

- OEEs/Installation efficiency by complexity in terms of formats, batch size, etc.

- Indirect costs by company size.

- Claims by market or product type.

- Cross-check and continuous validation of information.

We offer continuous support throughout the process to check and validate data.


We request KPIs that allow us to go into sufficient depth to identify points for improvement.


We facilitate KPI access and monitoring at all times in an easy way.

What does Exben provide you with to enhance your results?

A detailed report containing a plant's indicators compared to those corresponding to the segment to which the plant in question belongs, helping to establish priorities within the different areas for improvement:

  • Transformation cost
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Production efficiency
  • Quality efficiency and costs
  • Efficiency in the Industrial area

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Read about a real example of improvement.

the main issues identified for improvement.


about the impact of COVID in Pharmaceutical sites.


Phases of Exben's proven methodology.

Gathering of information

We define the benchmark guide

We monitor and provide support throughout the process (workshop).

and validation

We analyse and segment based on the plant profile and its specific features.

We continuously validate information.

We present

We present the Report of results to establish prioritise in the areas for improvement.

Benchmark Timeline


How have we helped other pharmaceutical plants to grow?

“ I would particularly emphasize the fact that the people in charge of the benchmark exercise have made visits to the areas of the factory so that they can understand and verify the data. It has been found that they know the business and the process has built up confidence when comparing the participants’ data.”

Mr. Ismael de los Mozos
Site Plant Manager
Glaxo SmithKline Aranda del Duero, Spain

“ Now we know where we are and which are our strengths and our weaknesses relative to the markets. Our yearly plans and objectives take into account these facts.”

Xavier Costas COO
Reig Jofré Spain

“ Participation in the Benchmarking has allowed us to use internally indicators most relevant to our business, set goals more coherent, and it also helped us to prioritize areas of improvement.”

Mr. Francisco José Aranda Campos
Cinfa Spain

“Compare indicators with other sires, even if they are not exactly the same sites, gives you some opportunity to improve. Benchmark has given us two kind of results. While we have had corroborated our strengths, we have also identified some concrete lines to improve, and it was the expectative we had at the beginning of the exercise.”

Mr. Jesús de Gregorio
General Manager
Química Sintética

“Our expectation was to find out improvement opportunities and is accurate to say that the API Bechmark gave us the expected basis for the internal initiatives to be implemented, so ITF can improve its position and its efficiency level. Despite this, initially we had no idea on ITF’s position comparatively to other participants.”

Mr. Iran Vieira de Melo
Financial Manager
ITF Chemical

“It has been a successful opportunity to participate in this kind of exercise. It has allowed us to compare and segment out conversion cost among different sites. We have also identified which are levers to improve in some areas of the site.”

Mr. Conrado López Gómez
Site Director
Servier Toledo, Spain

Exben is a service offered by ManageArt with a presence in Europe's main markets with collaboration from specific partners in Italy and Germany.

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    - Benchmark allows fair comparison among companies as it compares the same indicators for all the participants

    - Allows companies to know where they are in the market so they can focus on their most relevant indicators

    - Allows take advantage of:
    • High aggregated volume to use potential synergies
    • Industry knowledge and Best Practices
    • Join efforts to develop projects to reduce costs and improve service and production

    - Yes, we will discuss our findings with you and your team personally to interpret, where potential gaps might come from

    - Thereafter, we will prepare a final document which can be used by you for discussing within your company

    - As with your own data, all information delivered by the participants will be cross-checked by us and validated during the site visits

    - When the analysis will be conducted all participants’ data will be on the same level of quality

    - Information will not be sold or disclosed to third parties

    - A Non Disclosed Agreement guarantees information data confidentiality

    - You will receive a customized and interpreted report about your site’s performance in comparison to your peer group

    - Your performance on all relevant KPI will be drafted against the anonymized relevant peer group

    - In addition, you can always come back to us to discuss a more detailed analysis

    - The results will only be presented to you and your team members in a final workshop at your site

    - The presentations are to be scheduled by the end of May

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